eigoMANGA Fan Fare of 2004

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  • eigoMANGA.com experienced a record number of fan traffic on the the website in 2004.
  • We also experienced a worldwide record number of fans signing up for the fan mailing list.
  • Back in the summer, a contest was held where fans from all over the world chose a name for eigoMANGA's female-oriented comic book series. Two fans from the US and Canada came up with the winning name, "SAKURA PAK".
  • We recieved the most fan feedback from a comic series called Misfile. Monkey Tale came in second.

American eigoMANGA Fans Wanted
L'Arc~en~Ciel in California!

Back in the summer, eigoMANGA received over 1500 signatures of L'arc~en~ciel fans wanting the popular Japanese rock band to perform in California.